About the project

NAJET company (NAJET LLC) was established in October 2017 specifically for the implementation of modern software and IT solutions in the field of business aviation: www.najet.ru

Najet’s ONLINE service for selecting and ordering an air Charter for the transportation of passengers and Luggage on business aviation aircraft is a unique product of NAJET, implemented for the first time in the world.

We managed to create an analog of the taxi AGGREGATOR on business aviation planes.

1. To book an airplane for an air charter. How did this happen?

The process of ordering air transportation and forming its cost has always been complex and opaque. To finalize the planned flight, the flight customer must repeatedly call and write off the Airline or air broker.

1. The Customer can NEVER get a final answer about the possibility of performing the requested air transportation immediately. This is because the Airline Manager has to check a huge amount of data and factors that affect the ability to perform a flight. To do this, they need to contact at least several divisions of the Airline.

After receiving positive responses, they must calculate the cost of air transportation in accordance with the technology adopted by the Airline.

Only after these operations are completed the first offer will be sent to the customer.

2. Now imagine that the Airline for objective reasons can not perform the requested air transportation in the required time (for example, due to the employment of aircraft or lack of free crew).

Perhaps the customer decided to change their request by choosing a different departure time...

And all approvals must be performed again. This takes quite a long time and makes the customer nervous.

3. Often, to find the required air transportation, the customer does not contact the Airline, but the air broker. The latter, in turn, makes a request not to one, but to several Airlines at once. The number of calls was multiplied.

The customer is forced to listen to obscure details of the flight organization, when something for some reason can not be earlier, something later, and so on. Do not forget that the earnings of an air broker also lie on the shoulders of the customer, because the air broker resells air transportation, adding its interest to its cost.

4. And if the task becomes even more complicated?...
Let’s imagine that the customer is an assistant Manager or a case management employee. Then the number of calls increases exponentially. In this long chain, some important introductory part or information may be lost. So history knows the case when passengers were brought to Novgorod the Great instead of Nizhny Novgorod...

5. Can appear other add-ons! Let’s assume that the Airline’s offer must be approved not by one customer, but by several. This happens when the plane is used by a delegation consisting, for example, of representatives of different organizations.

At this point, it is advisable to finish the description of all interactions, because there are a lot of them with this method of ordering, and we haven’t even reached the stage of agreeing on the payment procedure yet!

It is obvious that this archaism is a consequence of outdated methods and technologies.

Many transport services have long been offered in the already familiar ONLINE mode. This includes «taxi booking», «booking and selling air tickets», «cargo delivery», «carsharing», «courier services» and much more. It would seem quite logical to enter the ONLINE service for ordering business aviation aircraft, in fact, «aviataxi».

2. Why hasn’t anyone created an ONLINE air Charter service yet?

Following the main trend of our time-bringing all services ONLINE, many companies are striving to create air TAXI services ONLINE. So, in the West, many high-profile projects of this profile were announced. However, most of these projects were limited to creating spectacular websites and mobile apps. Actually, the «online» effect itself was not achieved. Users were asked to fill out a long application form for an air transportation order. Further, after registration, when the user sent a request in the hope of immediately receiving the offer for air transportation promised by the service, he received a message about accepting the application for work and a promise to send him offers soon. In fact, there is no automation. This gives the service a modern look. The technology hasn’t changed. Then there were the same endless phone calls and correspondence. And the most valuable thing in this service was the acquisition of customer contacts.

However, many companies are actively moving towards achieving the goal of bringing the service for ordering air transportation on business jets ONLINE. The reason for this movement is obvious. In Europe alone, there are about half a million business flights a year. Sales exceed $ 5 billion.

Thus, a natural question arises:

«Why, given the attractiveness of the market and the high demand from customers, is there not yet 100% automation?»

The answer to this question is banal and simple...

Creating a mathematical model and algorithm for analyzing hundreds of interdependent factors, parameters, and criteria to automate the analysis process and generate true offers FOR the online air Charter selection and ordering Service is an EXTREMELY COMPLEX technical task.

3. We did it! The service OFFERING is already functioning in the public domain!

How did we do it?

As you know, the ability to perform a particular flight is affected by a huge number of parameters, tens or hundreds of times more than is necessary, for example, to analyze when accepting an order for a car taxi.

Of the obvious parameters, the following are necessary:

— availability of a free plane to perform air transportation, taking into account the required schedule;
— compliance of the technical characteristics of a particular aircraft with the requested air transportation (flight range, number of seats, etc.)
— availability of a ready-made crew, provided that the requirements of its «working time» are met";
— compliance of the rules of operation of the airport of departure and landing with the schedule of the declared Charter.

In order for all calculations and algorithms to be relevant and real, it is necessary to use objective and specific data. Where can I get them? Of course, only in the Airline!

It is for this purpose that we have created a special production management program for the business aviation Airline, which reflects all the multilateral production and commercial activities. Our partners — Airlines that start selling air transportation on their planes through the NAJET Service, use our program.

The NAJET Service, after fixing the User’s request on the site, automatically — in ONLINE mode — receives all the necessary and objective information about aircraft, crews, and so on from the program installed in the Airline, and also turns to other sources of necessary information to get calculations of the flight duration, check the airport operating regulations, and other factors that affect the ability to perform the flight.

The result of the algorithm is the INSTANT formation of all possible offers for the User and their display on the site of the NAJET Service.

The User has the opportunity to get acquainted with any offer from the list in detail, can forward to a" friend " both the entire list and the selected offer, book the selected plane, pay for air transportation. It remains only to arrive at the airport on time.

You can get a brief overview of the NAJET Service by watching the video below.

For a detailed description of the service’s features and how to use it, see the section «How it works».

4. Is it possible for NAJET to assist with any types of the requests?

First of all, we offer you to get acquainted with important and interesting statistics of air transportation on business aviation aircraft.

— Up to 90% of all air travel on business class aircraft is performed between a couple of cities without intermediate and technical landings;
— 80% of all air traffic is performed in 20 most popular airports in Russia and other countries;
— Average number of passengers on Board from one to three in 80% of cases;
— A set of passenger services is also standard for 90% of air transportation (a business terminal, or VIP lounge, the range of high-quality catering depended on the duration of air transportation).

Thus, theoretically, the process of generating offers for ordered air transportation can be automated for at least 80-90% of the demand.

Let’s leave 10% of «special» and difficult flights for air brokers. For example, concert tours with multiple landings, or flights with long-term aircraft waiting for passengers, or flights with non-standard services for air passengers, or flights to complex airports that require separate and serious approvals.