How it works

1. The principle the NAJET Service operation for choosing, booking and paying for a Charter flight on business aviation aircraft.

We have created a special production management program for the business aviation Airline, which reflects all its multi-faceted activities. Our partners — Airlines that sell air transportation on their planes online through the NAJET Service, use this program and conduct all their production activities in it.

The NAJET Service, after fixing the User’s request on the site, automatically — in ONLINE mode — receives all the necessary and objective information about aircraft, crews, and so on from the program installed in the Airline, and also turns to other sources of necessary information to get calculations of the flight duration, check the airport operating regulations, and other factors that affect the ability to perform the flight.

The result of the algorithm is the INSTANT formation of offers for air transportation on all aircraft that are suitable for their technical characteristics and are available at the requested time.

At the same time, each offer for air transportation will contain detailed information:
— type of aircraft;
— registration number;
— number of passenger seats;
— schedule;
— cost of air transportation.

Each offer can be separately «opened» for review and contains photos of a particular aircraft, its interior layout, and information about the year of production.

2. How to make a search query on the NAJET Service and get offers for air transportation?

On the main page of the NAJET Service there is a special search form, which for the convenience of the User is divided into 3 main tabs: Search, Empty Leg, Large aircrafts.

1. Search.

This tab displays all possible options for air transportation on the required route on the planes of all NAJET Partner Airlines.

To search for air transportation you need to fill in the search form on the home page, putting the departure date and time, city (airport) of departure and destination (directory will help You to write the correct name), the number of passengers.

In case you need a round trip air transportation, after filling in the fields of the single flight, put a check mark in the «NEED a return FLIGHT» in the search form, then displays an additional form to fill the request for the return flight.

After completing the search, which will take a few seconds, the NAJET Service will offer you possible options for air transportation on the planes of all airlines that are partners of the NAJET Service.

What are the basic conditions for the formation of offers?

The User of the Service NAJET will be offered all possible options for air transportation on all available aircrafts of all Airlines operating in the NAJET Service with a specific cost of air transportation for each aircraft provided that the following conditions are met:
— The NAJET service allows you to search, book and pay for air transportation in the time range from 8 hours to 45 days before the selected departure time;
— the number of seats on the proposed aircraft is greater than or equal to the one requested by the User in the request form;
— passenger waiting time for departure DOES NOT EXCEED 1 hour from the scheduled departure time;
— all options for air transportation will be offered, taking into account the employment of a particular aircraft in the range of «minus 12-plus 24 hours» from the time specified by the User. This is done to take into account such factors as, for example, the rules of operation of the airport, the employment of a particular aircraft, and an increase in the number of offers, including for cheaper «Empty Legs». The service will tell you if the suggested time differs from the requested one;

— round-trip air transportation on the same plane with waiting passengers will be offered only if there is a free time range in the flight schedule of a particular aircraft. The maximum waiting time for passengers at the destination airport is set by the Airline (usually no more than two nights). Or the NAJET Service will offer pairs of separate flights for import and export.

Will not be offered to the User:

— air transportation to airports where special procedures are required for landing approval;
— air transportation to airports of some cities on dates when special events are held (forums, sports events, official visits, etc.), since they also require special approval;
— the declared air transportation on the proposed type of aircraft can be performed WITHOUT TECHNICAL LANDING for refueling;
If the search is not possible for one reason or another, the Service will ask you to fill out a special form to send a request for the required transportation.

Your request will be processed by the managers of the NAJET Service and will contact you in the near future to clarify the details of transportation and help you choose the right option.


Can I «share» the offers I received?

The functionality of the NAJET Service allows you to «share» with your colleagues and partners both the General search results with all possible offers, and the" selected " flight in all modern ways.

How long does the offer last?

To ensure that the selected air transportation option is saved, it must be booked, and the reservation will be saved within the time provided by the service (see point 4. " Air transportation booking").

Until the selected offer is booked, it may lose its relevance at any time.

Are there restrictions on the number of requests and is it free?

The number of requests to search for options for the required air transportation at this stage of service development IS UNLIMITED and free of CHARGE. The information received in this case is a reference and is not an official offer.

Do I need to register my personal account on the website to search for offers?

Registration on the NAJET Service and the creation of a personal account for the implementation of a simple search query is not required, and for the coordination and booking of the selected option, the NAJET Service will offer you to register.

2. Empty legs.

When you buy such a flight, you can save a significant amount of money. Please note that under the terms of the NAJET Service, such a flight is strictly regulated by the departure time and any changes in the schedule are required to be agreed with the Airline performing the air transportation. Without prior approval, even a delay of 1 hour is not allowed, in contrast to the purchase of full air transportation. Otherwise, it follows the General rules of the Airline and the NAJET Service.

On this page, you will be offered all the available Empty legs at the moment of the Airlines — Partners of the Service, indicating the cost of the flight per passenger. To specify the cost, enter the number of passengers and click «Calculate».

3. Large aircrafts.

For the convenience of the user, the NAJET Service offers a separate search page for Large aircraft for group and corporate flights. Here you will see the types of aircraft with a layout of more than 50 seats.


1. The sale and approval of a large aircraft can take place in a few days. Specify the minimum period for each specific Airline.
2. The list of airports to search for a large aircraft in automatic mode may be limited.
3. The price includes Departure/Arrival from the usual terminals of domestic or international lines. Service in the Business Lounge / terminal is an additional service of the Airlines.
4. The layout of the aircraft consists of business and economy class seats. Specify the number of seats for a particular type of aircraft.
5. The price includes Economy class meals according to the Airline standards. Ordering Business Class meals is an additional service of Airlines.
6. Departure or arrival may be offered to another airport in the same city, if this is a more profitable option, taking into account the Airline’s home airport.

3. Registration on the NAJET Service and the creation of a personal account.

In the previous section, we told You how to make a search query on the NAJET Service and get offers for air transportation, and also informed you that you can coordinate, book and pay for the selected air transportation option.


Do I need to register on the website in order to coordinate (approve) or book the selected air transportation option?

You will not be able to coordinate or book the selected air transportation until you log in to your personal account. When using the NAJET Service for the first time, you will need to register.

During the initial registration, you will need to read the Terms of the NAJET Service use. To confirm that you accept these terms, you will need to put a" tick " in the specified place for registration.

You can register on the service as a LEGAL ENTITY or INDIVIDUAL. Filling in all fields when registering for a legal entity will allow you to generate invoices for non-cash payments and accounting documents for paid air transportation automatically.

Your personal account will store all information about all your flights with statuses:
— booked;
— confirmed (paid);
— completed (completed or canceled).

4. Approval (coordination) and Booking of air transportation.

Many flights require prior approval from the Airlines for a number of reasons that affect the formation of the offer.

These destinations include airports with special approval conditions (irregular working hours, difficulties in obtaining a slot or permit for arrival/departure, special conditions for passenger and aircraft services, etc.).

We carefully monitor situations that may affect flight restrictions at a particular airport (political, epidemiological situation in the world, etc.) and promptly inform Users of the NAJET Service.

These flights cannot be booked and paid for online on NAJET Service without prior approval from the Airline that performs the selected air transportation. The Service User can view the preliminary cost of such a flight by searching on the site. This price may not be final and depends on the terms of additional approvals with the airport.

By clicking the APPROVE button on the selected offer page, you send a request for approval with the selected Airline. You will receive a notification from the NAJET Service to the email address specified during registration on the site that your application has been accepted. The managers of the Service will contact You to clarify the details of air transportation and receive other information related to the execution of this order.

After all the necessary approvals, confirmation of the possibility of performing this air transportation by the Airline, the User will be sent a booking form to the email specified during registration on the website. The selected offer will appear in the User’s personal account in the reserved flights section, where you can confirm or cancel the booking by payment (see point 6 «Payment for the booked air transportation and its confirmation»).

Automatic booking.

For flights that do not require prior approval from the Airline, you can make a BOOKING by clicking on the booking button at the bottom of the selected offer page.

What documents, offers, and contracts should be read before making a booking?


Before making a reservation, you should:
— read the basic information about the «Flight cancellation policy» and «Additional Terms and Conditions» that the Airline offers You as the main conditions under the Air Charter Agreement;

— get acquainted with the documents (Air Charter Agreement, Transportation Rules, etc.) that regulate the relationship between the airline and the User in terms of performing an air transportation by the Airline on the User’s order.

Airline documents:
— Rules for the carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo;
— Document regulating the liability of the parties;
— Additional terms and conditions of the Airline.


The booking form contains information about the validity period of the reservation in the form of text: «The selected flight is booked until 00:00, date». At the same time, automatically ONLINE information about your booking was received by the Airline. This means that the selected aircraft will not be used for other flights at the time you have booked.

When booking air transportation an Order Number is generated, which will help you identify all further operations with the reservation, including its subsequent payment and all communications.

How to «share» the booking?

You can share the Booking Form with colleagues or partners directly from the booking page in all modern ways.

Where to view the booking?

All information about your booking (Airline, order number, route, schedule, flight number, travel time, cost, the number of passengers) is stored in the personal account, in the «Booking» section.

How long is the booking valid and is it free?

The notification of the completed booking and the Booking Form itself will be sent to the User at the e-mail specified during registration.

When the booking period specified in the Booking Form expires, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

There is no compensation for cancellations made by self-cancellations or automatic cancellations before the flight is paid.

To confirm the booked air transportation, you must PAY for the air transportation before the end of the booking period by clicking the «Pay» button at the bottom of the Booking Form. For more information, see PAYING FOR A BOOKED FLIGHT section.

What is the free booking period and who sets it?

The booking period is set by the Airline that will perform the air transportation.

The closer the booking is made to the date of air transportation, the shorter the booking period. Please read the booking form carefully. After the end of the period, the booking is automatically canceled on the Service.

How many bookings can the NAJET Service User have at the same time?

The User can have no more than one unconfirmed (unpaid or not confirmed by the Airline) booking at the same time.

To make the next booking, the User must either cancel the previous one or confirm the previously made booking by paying.

Is it possible to save a booking without payment?

If for some reason you do not have time to pay for the booked air transportation, or you have a long-term contractual relationship with the Airline, or you want to agree on other special conditions, you need to contact the Airline that has the authority to extend the booking period, using the contacts specified in the booking form.

How can I cancel a booking and do I get any compensation?

The created booking can be canceled:
— automatically at the end of the set period;
— manually by clicking the «Cancel flight» button on the booking form;
There are no compensations in this case.

5. Payment for the booked air transportation and its confirmation.

How to confirm the booking?

As we have already informed you in the booking section above, a completed booking has a limited validity and is automatically canceled after the end of its term.

To confirm the booked air transportation, you must PAY for it.

From the moment you pay for air transportation, you enter into a contractual relationship with the Airline, which will operate under the Air Charter Agreement or other documents regulating the liability of the parties.

Before paying, as a confirmation of familiarization and agreement with the above documents, you will be asked to put a «tick» in the specified place.

To make a payment, you need to click the «PAY» button at the bottom of the booking form, you will be offered several payment options.

What methods can be used to pay for the booking?

You can pay for air transportation in any convenient way, including:
— payment by card;
— payment by QR code;
— payment by Bank transfer, for which an invoice will be automatically generated based on data from Your personal account and taking into account whether the User is a Legal Entity or an Individual.

If the payer is a different person, you can share the Link to the payment in a convenient and modern form for transmission to the payer.

For payment (filling your card details) You will be redirected to the Sberbank payment gateway. Connection to the payment gateway and transfer of information is carried out in secure mode using the SSL encryption Protocol. If Your Bank supports secure Internet payment technology Verified By Visa or MasterCard Secure Code, you may also need to put a special password to make a payment. This site supports 256-bit encryption. The confidentiality of the personal information provided is ensured by Sberbank. The entered information will not be provided to third parties except for cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Bank card payments are made in strict accordance with the requirements of the MIR, Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl payment systems.

The refund of the transferred funds is made to Your Bank account within 5-30 business days (the period depends on the Bank that issued Your Bank card).

To confirm and pay for urgent air transportation, use the card or QR code or contact us at or by phone +7 (495) 120-80-20.

If there is no online payment option or if there are other agreed forms of payment (for example, a deposit under a long-term contractual relationship, or payment upon completion of air transportation, or some other form of payment).) The User can contact the Airline using the contacts specified in the Booking Form.

If the User reaches an agreement with the Airline, it can confirm the air transportation without paying in advance.

6. Confirmation of payment for air transportation and a Flight Voucher.

After receiving the payment, the NAJET Service will generate and send a FLIGHT VOUCHER to the e-mail address you specified in your personal account.

If an agreement is reached with the Airline to confirm air transportation for the User without prior payment, the NAJET Service will also generate and send a FLIGHT VOUCHER to the e-mail address specified by You in your personal account.

The User got acquainted in detail with the content of the documents regulating the relationship of the User and passengers with a specific Airline («Air Charter agreement» and «The Rules of Transportation ») at the stage of creating an air transportation booking, confirming this by setting a «tick» in the Booking Form.

The FLIGHT VOUCHER contains brief but most important information for passengers and Users of the NAJET Service. Including:
— flight cancellation policy and the amount of compensation to the Airline for voluntary refusal of air transportation in cases where this is provided for;
— additional terms and conditions on the Rules of Transportation in terms of regulating the carriage of baggage, hand Luggage, animals;
— the procedure for the Airline’s refusal to perform air transportation in cases when this becomes impossible;
— procedure for returning funds to the User (payer);
— current restrictions for passengers on board during the flight (smoking, etc.).

We recommend that you print out FLIGHT VOUCHER and save it until the end of the flight.

7. How to arrange air tickets for passengers?


Not later than 24 hours prior to departure or immediately upon completion of the payment of air transportation if it was paid and/or confirmed less than 24 hours before departure time, the User sends to the Airline passenger data air.

Passenger data is sent to the Airline using the contacts specified in the booking form or other contacts provided by the Airline.

The data should include:

For Russian citizens:
— Last name First name Patronymic, for international flights without a patronymic;
— sex;
— place of birth (city, country).
For domestic flights: the number of a passport (or any other document, the relevant to the rules of air transportion of the Russian Federation), date of issue, issuing authority and the division number or data of birth certificates of children.
For international flights: passport number, issuing authority and expiration date.

For Citizens of other countries:
— Last name First name (in Latin letters);
— citizenship;
— sex;
— place of birth (city, country);
— passport number (or any other document that complies with the rules of air transportation of the resident country), validity period.

Air tickets for passengers will be sent to the User in electronic form to the e-mail specified during registration on the NAJET Service.

8. Voluntary refusal of air transportation.

How to make a voluntary cancellation of the confirmed air transportation?

— The NAJET Service allows the User to apply the function of requesting and searching for the required air transportation an unlimited number of times for free.

— The NAJET Service allows you to book the selected air transportation option free of charge within the period specified in the Booking Form and based on the booking terms set by the Airline.

— If the User voluntarily refuses to pay for air transportation, the Airline will charge the User «compensation» in certain cases. The amount of compensation depends on the period of cancellation of air transportation in relation to the time of departure. The closer the departure time, the higher the compensation charged by the Airline.

To make a voluntary cancellation of air transportation, you need to go to your personal account, in the «Scheduled flights» section, open the flight planned for cancellation and click the «CANCEL FLIGHT» button.

After that, a message will be sent to the e-mail address specified by You when registering your personal account with information about Your action and information about the procedure for returning funds to You (see point 10. «Refund to the user»).

What amount of compensation will be awarded to the User in case of air transportation refusal and what does it depend on?


The amount of compensation is calculated as a percentage of the total cost of the paid air transportation.

The amount of compensation to the Airline for voluntary refusal of air transportation depends on the conditions specified in the Air Charter Agreement concluded by You with the Airline, and is indicated in the FLIGHT VOUCHER.

In order to avoid the situation with the need to pay compensation to the Airline in case of voluntary refusal after payment, we recommend You to determine the need for air transportation in advance, at the stage of free search and free booking stage.

9. How to make changes to the terms of air transportation?

How to reduce or increase the number of passengers?

An increase in the number of passengers is possible within the number of seats on the aircraft.

An increase in the number of passengers can affect the range of air transportation when flying at the maximum range for the selected type of aircraft.

In this regard, the increase in the number of passengers must be agreed with the Airline by sending a request or phone call to the airline at the phone numbers specified in the FLIGHT VOUCHER or other contacts provided by the Airline.

If the Airline agrees to increase the number of passengers, be prepared to pay extra for air transportation, as the cost of it will increase (due to at least additional food and their service in VIP halls/terminals). The invoice or link to the surcharge is generated by the NAJET Service in agreement with the airline and sent to the User. Payment is only possible online.

For additional passengers, you must provide the Airline with data for issuing air tickets.

Ordering food for additional passengers is possible if the time before departure is not less than the standard set by the Airline.

If online payment is not possible, the User can contact the Airline using the phone number specified in THE air travel VOUCHER or other contacts provided by the Airline and agree on other payment terms.

You can reduce the number of passengers at any time before departure, and the cost of servicing passengers canceled from air transportation is recalculated and refunded in accordance with the refund procedure (see point 10. «Refund to the User»).

Payment for full or partial cancellation of meals will not be refunded if information about the change in the number of passengers is made later than the time before departure set by the Airline’s Rules.

How to change the departure time of a paid flight?

Changing the departure time requires approval from the Airline. This can be done in the case of:
— No other flights on the same aircraft that may be delayed due to schedule changes.
— Sufficient «crew working time» for, for example, waiting for passengers.
Please note that the time of delay for departure without additional notification and coordination with the Airline should not exceed 1 hour.
— No restrictions on the operation of airports and other navigation restrictions.
— Else.
In addition, some changes (if approved by the Airline) may require additional payment (for example, postponing departure for a significant time).


If the Airline cannot make the changes requested by the User, the User can voluntarily cancel the air transportation (see point 8. «Voluntary refusal of air transportation»). In this case, there may be compensation for the cancellation of air transportation, which the User will have to pay to the Airline (see point 10. «Refund to the User»).

If it is possible to change the route of paid and confirmed air transportation?

You CAN’t change the route of a paid or confirmed flight!

You will need to make a voluntary cancellation of air transportation and make a new booking, but there may be compensation for the cancellation of air transportation, which the User will have to pay to the Airline (see point 10. «Refund to the User»).

10. Refund to the User.

Refunds to the User are made in accordance with the refund procedure:

1. In case of refusal on the User’s initiative from the paid air Charter, the User is refunded on the basis of article 32 of the Law of the Russian Federation of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 (ed. of 18.07.2019) «On protection of consumer rights». Funds are returned to the User on the basis of a refund request. If the order was paid using a Bank card, the refund will be made to the same card within 5 (five) business days after the NAJET Service receives the refund request, or if the payment was made by Bank transfer, the refund will be made using the details specified in the application, also within 5 (five) business days after the NAJET Service receives the refund request. The refund amount is calculated based on the Airline’s compensation specified in the Air Charter Agreement.

2.If the conditions of a paid order change (date, time, route, etc.), after the Airline has agreed on the terms of the new order, you must apply for a transfer of funds from one order to another.

3. Applications should be sent to in PDF format.

11. Refusal of the Airline to perform air transportation.

In accordance with the terms of the Air Charter Agreement, the Airline may unilaterally cancel the previously paid air transportation out of court.