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We invite business aviation airlines and brokers to join the project for cooperation.

Connecting the airline to the project will allow:

  • Increase the productivity of sales departments by automating processes for the formation of proposals
  • Improve production and commercial performance due to the availability and convenience of receiving offers by users and a corresponding increase in the number of flights
  • To implement the so-called "passing flights" (empty legs)

As a result of cooperation with the project, airlines save time, money and resources.

We also invite brokers to cooperate. We offer various schemes for connecting partner sites to the flight search system, using API or white label solutions.

NAJET LLC has completed the development of a similar platform, but for the sale of helicopter flights. At the moment, the project gathers a pool of helicopter companies with subsequent entry into the market.

In order to become a partner of NAJET, apply for a partnership, we will contact you and answer your questions.

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